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Key questions about sexuality:
- What is the nature of sex?
o Sex is just a physical thing.
o A physical celebration, of an ever-growing emotional relationship, resting on the foundation of a lifelong covenant.
- Is my sexual activity really anyone else’s business?
o Sex is nobody’s business beyond the two people who are having it.
o The reach and impact of sex goes beyond just the two people who are having it.
- What role does sex play in fulfilling and defining me?
o To say “no” to my sexual desires would be to rob myself of fulfillment in life.
o My sense of identity is found first and foremost in my sexuality.
o Just because we have a desire doesn’t mean that we should follow it.
o We don’t have to be sexually active in order to be fulfilled in life.
o My identity is not meant to be found in my sexuality but in who I am in relationship to God.
- How do I stay sexually safe?
o Boundaries.
Reflection Questions:

1. Growing up, what or who were the major influencers in how you thought about sex?
2. Growing up, what were you taught about the nature of sex?
3. What did you think of Sunday’s definition of sex being a physical celebration of an ever-growing emotional relationship resting on the foundation of a lifelong covenant?
4. Growing up, were you taught about the impact and reach of sexuality?
5. How have you seen the reach and impact of sex between two people impact other people for good or for bad?
6. Where have you heard the myth that if you have a desire, that must mean that the desire is good and should be fulfilled?
7. How often or strongly are you tempted to find your identity in your sexuality?
8. What boundaries have you seen others put up in an effort to keep them safe? Which ones made sense to you and which ones did not?
9. What boundaries do you have in place to keep you safe?

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