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Solomon’s Final Word and Following Jesus
At the end of his life Solomon summarizes his what he’s learned:

I. Fear God.
What does this look like for us today?
A. FAITH: To fear God means to have faith in God.
Hebrews 11:6.
B. EXPERIENCE: To fear God you must experience God.
Isaiah 6:1-7.
C. AWE: To fear God means to bow in awe of Him.
Psalm 95:3-6.
D. RESOLVE: To fear God means we resolve to obey Him.
John 14:15.
II. Keep His commandments.
A. Obedience is the ultimate expression of our loyalty to God.
1 Samuel 15:22.
B. Obedience leads to Christlikeness.
1 Peter 1:14-16.