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Sunday Service July 18, 2021
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What Is Faith?

“There is nothing wrong with belief; there is just not enough right with it.”

For many people faith has been reduced to belief. A rational recognition that Jesus died and rose from the dead doesn’t always translate into a life transformed. Even the demons believe that James 2.19

1. Rationalists equates faith to right thinking.
2. Existentialists equate it to personal experience.
3. Neither reaches the depth of biblical faith.

History clarifies faith.

From that historic starting point we can clarify Jesus’ call to us.

Faith is Loyalty (Fidelity)

Josephus offered the man a chance to alter his destiny by transferring his loyalties. He offered a new allegiance.

1. Jesus’ call to repentance was not about feeling sorry. It was a long-term commitment to shift allegiance to a new master.

Josephus was challenging him to a new allegiance.

2. Jesus is it is not inviting us to lay down our abilities or our passions rather he is inviting us to bring those, along with all the aspirations they represent, and offer them to the service of God.

Josephus is inviting him to use all of his talents in service - to - him.

3. Faith is not what Jesus called us to believe. It is a pledge of allegiance he was asking us to make.

Loyalty includes obedience.

The single greatest difference between Christianity in all other religions is the fact that God saves us. We do not have to save ourselves in fact we can’t because of our condition. However obedience is not added to faith. It is the natural response of Fidelity.

1. The core of the Gospel is Romans 4.25 ESV

The good news of Jesus is condensed into one sentence.
“He was delivered up for our trespasses and raised for our justification.” Romans 4.25

2. We don’t add obedience to faith. Obedience is the natural response to grace and to loyalty.

We are saved “by grace … through faith … for good works” Ephesians 2.8-10 (Election and Predestination)

3. Obedience is God’s gift to us.
When we obey God, our lives get better!
Proverbs 3.5,6 ESV
How have you understand faith until today?
“What do I have to do?”
“What can I do for You?”
FAITH WORKS 😊 (allegiance to a new Master)

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