SUNDAY, JULY 18, 2021. SUMMER FAVES, WEEK 3, Josh Lawrence, Recovery Pastor, Weekly Sunday Morning Worship Service, 10:30 a.m.
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We are so glad you are with us today! God has a purpose just for you. We'd love to connect with you today. Whether you need prayer, would like to know more about our faith family, or want to begin volunteering with one of our amazing ministries, visit for all your next steps.
Have you ever said to yourself “I’m ready for something more. I see a need for change in my life” but the same old stuff keeps happening?

The perplexing part is sometimes you can get active in doing something about your life in that search for something more, but no change.

Why is it that sometimes “something more” that brings change in your life for the better is so hard to come by?
This man wanted to DO the changing himself.

There lies a great tension about change because there are things in this life where nothing is going to change unless you do.

Spiritually, it doesn’t exactly work like that. There is something else foundational that has to fuel the doing.
The man asked - “What do I still lack?”

This man assumes following Jesus is something you just ADD to your life.

Jesus has no interest in you ADDING Him to your life. He’s very interested in a relationship with you that becomes your life.

Also, be aware of wanting a “quick fix.” Change is often a process that takes “one day at a time.
"Perfect" – It’s not about perfection right now.
Learn to celebrate and enjoy the moments of the progress in the process.

Perhaps Jesus is taking this man back to the first commandment. If this man has no other “gods” in his life, then what Jesus says takes precedence.
This man walked away from Jesus sad, and the reason was because he had great wealth. The word “sad” means to be grieved but can also mean “offended” or “irritated.” He didn’t think his life had a chance for “something more” losing his possessions and following Christ. He rejected Christ, and chose his wealth.
Mark 10:21a…”Jesus LOOKED at him and LOVED.” When Jesus looks at someone, He sees the heart. What Jesus said to this man regarding selling his possessions had to do with his heart. Jesus loved this man and wanted his heart.

Anything you have decided is foundational in giving you a life of satisfaction that is not God must be surrendered or you too are not “ready for something more.”

A person can be doing the right things, and yet not looking at & loving Him. Intimacy with Him must fuel the doing for Him.

Whatever you are looking at intently changes you.

As you fix your eyes upon Him, the responsibility is on Him to change you. This life is not about you changing you. God does the changing.

Keep your gaze on Him. He will lead you into a full abundant life. He will lead you into something more!

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