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July 18, 2021: The awkward dinner party
These are the Bible passage and sermon notes for our Sunday morning worship services.
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Luke 7:36-50: The awkward dinner party

I) The awkward dinner party.
A) Simon, a Pharisee, invited Jesus to a home ______________.
B) Jesus’s acceptance proves his availability to all ________ of people.
C) Simon did not treat Jesus as well a _____________ guest should be.
D) An unwelcome guest, a ______________ woman, showed her love and devotion to Jesus.
E) Simon, the Pharisee, is _____________ by her actions.
II) Jesus's parable.
A) A moneylender forgives two debts.
1) _________ Denari: A year and half wage for a common worker.
2) _________ Denari: A month and half wage for a common worker.
B) Simon begrudgingly acknowledges that the one with the __________ debt will love the moneylender more.
C) Jesus implies that this woman’s actions showed Jesus more __________ than Simon’s did.
D) This woman will be ________________ because of her faith.
III) Which character do you resonate with the most in this story?
A) Simon, the Pharisee
1) Simon invited Jesus to his home but didn’t ________ embrace him.
What parts of Jesus or his teaching do you find difficult to embrace? Why are they so difficult to embrace?
2) Simon did not engage with this sinner. He judged her from _________ to be unworthy of God’s love.
Who do you judge most in your heart?
B) The sinful woman
1) She is aware of her sin and it ______________ her.
Which of your sins break your heart today?
2) Jesus _______________ her she is forgiven.
C) Jesus’s grace and forgiveness is available to _____ kinds of people.

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