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July 11, 2021: John the Baptist's Doubts
These are the Bible passage and sermon notes for our Sunday morning worship services.
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Luke 7:18-34: John The Baptist’s Doubt

I) John's Doubt

A) John drew crowds and led many to __________ of their sins.

B) John declared that Jesus was the ______________ and heard God speak when he baptized Jesus.

C) John was sitting in Herod’s ______________.

D) John expected the Messiah to bring God’s ________________.

E) John sent two disciples to Jesus to bring his ________________.

F) Life can cause us to doubt as well.

What are the dark places that have caused you to doubt or maybe are causing you to doubt?

What doubts are stirring inside you?

How are you bringing them to Jesus?

II) Jesus's Response to John

A) Jesus is _______________ with John.

B) Jesus sends a two-part answer.

1) I am ________________ Isaiah’s Messianic prophesies.

2) Do not stumble because I don’t match your _________________.

C) Jesus _____________ John’s important role in God’s plan.

III) Jesus's teaching to the people.

A) You may not always understand God’s ways, but you can still acknowledge they are ___________.

B) Moving beyond doubt often requires giving up our ____________ about God and how he works.

C) God’s truth will win the hearts of his children.

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