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Timeline–Part 4
We all love stories. They make us feel like we are a part of something bigger than ourselves. They can stir the imagination and engage the heart. They motivate us, influence us, and have the unique ability to build connections. So, it’s no wonder that the Bible is the most beloved book of all time! In this series, Timeline, we’ll explore the stories that span 4,000 years of biblical history, from Genesis to Malachi. As we focus on some of the most beloved stores in the Old Testament, we’ll discover that in every story the overarching theme is God’s desire to have a relationship with us.
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Today's Music
Rattle, Graves into Gardens, Revelation Song
Timeline—Part 4
[Josh Rhodes]
Problem | We experience pain and brokenness in life
Solution | God can use your pain for His purpose
“Joseph was honored by Jacob who gave him a richly ornamented robe, probably a multicolored tunic. This seems to signify that Jacob favored him above the rest with the intent of granting him all or a larger portion of the inheritance.” – Ross, A. P.
A Vizier in ancient Egypt was the most powerful position after that of king … a vizier was the equivalent of the modern-day prime minister of the nation who actually saw to the day-to-day operation of the government in all its aspects. –
Joseph was ABUSED
• Joseph was ACCUSED
• Joseph’s pain is what God USED
God can use your pain for His purpose:
Let people in
God can use your pain for His purpose:
• Let people in
• Leverage your pain
God can use your pain for His purpose:
• Let people in
• Leverage your pain
• Look to Jesus

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