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- Will last seven years between rapture and millennium.
- Last 3.5 years especially intense. “Great Tribulation” (Rev 7:4, Mt 24:21, Dan 12:1 & Jer 30:7)
- Time of Great Destruction (Is. 2:1-12, Is. 22:1-5, Is. 34:1-14, Jer. 46:3-6, 10, Ezek. 7:5-7)

Tribulation Purpose
- To Judge the Nations
- To Discipline Israel
- To Save Israel
- To Establish the Millennial Kingdom

Key Tribulation Events (Rev 6-19)
- Antichrist rises to supreme power – builds new Jewish Temple in Jerusalem establishes false “peace” for 3.5 years.
- God seals 144,000 Jews for world evangelism
- 2 Prophetic Witnesses teach unharmed at the New Temple for 3.5 years
- Then, Anti-Christ declares himself as Messiah and God; defiles temple in Jerusalem.
- Has False Prophet declare world to worship anti-Christ.
- Unparalleled chaos, persecution, and martyrdom unleashed upon all Jews and Christians.
- Gentiles overrun the temple
- God unleashes global disasters (seal, trumpets and bowls).
- The central global city “Babylon” – the financial, political, religious center is destroyed.
- Jesus shows up, set things right and establishes his Millennial Kingdom

Removal of the Church form the Earth “Caught Up”

Pretribualtionism (1 Thes 4:16; Ti. 2:13; Jn. 14:1-3; 1 Co. 15:51-53; 1 Thes 4:15-5:11)
- The Church will not go through the tribulation as it is raptured before the tribulation beings
- Belief that no Christians will be on the earth at the start of the Tribulation (Rev. 3:10)
- The Church will never come under God's wrath (Jn 5:24; Rom. 5:9; 8:1; 1 Thess. 1:10; 5:9).
- The Spirit’s work of restraining evil will be absent during the Tribulation (2 Thess. 2:7-8).
- There is no mention of the Church in Revelation 4—19
- Since the Rapture is imminent (can happen at any moment) it must be pretribulational.

- The Church will go through the tribulation
- Church’s rapture will coincide with the Second Coming of Christ at the end of the Tribulation.
- Day of the Lord could refer to judgement at end of tribulation, not the whole period.
- Deliverance from wrath can occur as protection during rather than removal from.

- Belief that rapture will take place at the mid-point of the tribulation.
- Church will go through part, first half, of the tribulation, but not the Great Tribulation.
- Based off “Day of the Lord” meaning second half of tribulation.

Partial Rapture
- Believers raptured in multiple stages dependent upon watchfulness and faithfulness.
- Hardly any biblical evidence
- Implies salvation by works


- Literal and symbolic interpretation of events
- Jesus will actually return to earth for a literal thousand years
- Satan will be bound for 1,000years. (Rev. 20:1-6)
- At this time Christ will fulfill all promises God made to ancient Israel.
- Jesus on earth will rule personally in fulfillment of the Davidic promises. (Ezk. 37:23-28)
- The entire earth will be filled with the knowledge of God. (Isa. 11:1-2, 9)
- Israel will occupy all the land promised Abraham from Nile to the Euphrates. (Gen. 15:18)
- The Holy Spirit will personally indwell the believing Jews and gentiles. (Jer. 31:31-34)
- The Curse on man and the physical creation will be lifted. (Isa. 11:6-9, Isa. 65:20-25)
- There will be world peace and prosperity. (Isa. 2:4, Isa. 62:8-9)

- Christ returns after the millennium
- Revelation is mostly a figurative book so not a literal thousand years - just a long time.
- We are already in the millennium - commences sometime during the present age.
- The Church will so positively affect the world, that it will increase in knowledge, goodness, and spirituality climax as Christ descends at His Second Coming.
- Universal preaching and acceptance of the Gospel, and a complete and total victory of the kingdom of God, over the forces of Satan and unbelief.
- See tribulation as describing church history but with intensity of tribulation decreasing
- Do not expect a rapture. They do however expect Christ bodily return.

- “A” = NO – Amillennial = No millennium
- Denies a thousand year reign of Christ on the Earth, prior to the end of the world.
- No earthly return of Christ for a literal Thousand years (long time)
- Promises made to Israel, David, and Abraham in the Old Testament are fulfilled by Jesus Christ and his church during this present age
- Revelation & Apocalyptic Lit. to be interpreted spiritually, allegorically, & metaphorically
- Believe we are currently living in the Millennial Kingdom
- The binding of Satan happened at the Cross
- Understand the “tribulation” as a description of the history of the church
- Do not expect a rapture. They do, however, expect Christ’s bodily return.

Millennial Ending
- Satan will be released once more to deceive the nations, then defeated and thrown in lake of fire (Rev. 20: 7-10)
- Earth is removed and all without Christ are resurrected and judged. (Rev. 20: 11-15)
- The creation of a new heaven and earth. (Rev. 21)

We ought to be people of high hopes and hard work.
Live with your eye on the sky and your hand on the plow.