Bethany Baptist Church
Sunday Worship - June 20, 2021
Sunday morning worship @ 10:30AM
Locations & Times
  • Bethany Baptist Church
    2353 E Grand Blanc Rd, Grand Blanc, MI 48439, USA
    Sunday 9:00 AM
Prayer Time on Sunday Morning: We host a prayer gathering on Sunday at 9:00 am each Sunday in the Upper Room. We would like to encourage you to attend as we seek God’s will across a variety of different topics, issues, and concerns. Please make a plan to join us next Sunday!

Prayer for Fathers on Fathers Day

Lord, help me to joyfully embrace sacrifice.
Fathers sacrifice. We are supposed to. It is God’s plan that we lead our families, and according to the definition of leadership given to us by Jesus, that we also ought to be the chief servants in our families. And that means we live lives of sacrifice.
Lord, help us as fathers to joyfully embrace the requirements of that fatherhood.

Lord, help me to love responsibility, not run from it.
God has made us, as fathers, to embrace responsibility. Those responsibilities include things like provision, protection, and guidance. And sometimes, if you think about it too much, the weight of that kind of responsibility can be near crushing. So crushing, in fact, that a father might be tempted to try and escape from under it.
Lord, help us as fathers to love responsibility, not run from it.

Lord, help me to remind my children of their true Father.
Fathers are shadows of a greater Father. God has given us these children not only to protect them, provide for them, and teach them – He has given us these children for us to point them to their true Father. I am, as their dad, a visible portrait of an invisible reality. In other words, both when I do the right thing and when I come up short as a dad, I am but a shadow of who God is. By God’s grace, I pray that our kids might say over and over again when they encounter God is something like this: “It’s like daddy, but better.”
Lord, help us as fathers to remind our children of their true Father.

Worship through Giving

As God has so richly blessed us in Christ may we be faithful to use our resources for Him
Worship through Song: Fathers Day
Good Good Father
Here Is Love
Power to Redeem
Children’s Handchime Choir
The children’s handchime choir begins on Sunday, June 6 to Aug. 1, during the morning worship service for those in 1st-4th grade this past school year. At the end of the service your child may be picked up in the missions room where we will have class each week. Parents, if you have any questions or your child will be absent from class please let Kathy Wass know.
Samaritan Summer
This summer we want to take a cue for Jesus' remarkable story of the Good Samaritan, and put a pause on our some of our regular Wednesday activities at Bethany. Instead of gathering at Bethany on Wednesday evenings, we hope you use your Wednesday evenings to build relationships with your neighbors. We have established a Facebook Group to encourage you through the weeks ahead in this endeavor (please see Pastor Jonathan if you need help gaining access to the Facebook group).
Bottle Deposits for Missions:
If you would be interested in donating your cans, please contact Pastor Jonathan and he will arrange a time with you to bring your cans to the church building.