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1 Californians || Qualities of Unifying Leadership
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1 Californians - Part 6
June 20, 2021 - Tim Salz - Sunland Campus

Qualities of Unifying Leadership
1 Californians - Part 6

A unifying leader is...
1. A servant who leads with humility.

Two qualities of a healthy servant:
- They share together!
- They serve together!

A unifying leader is...
2. A steward who serves faithfully.
A steward must...
- Be faithful by serving the right master.
You are ruled by whomever you let judge you!
Who is your judge?
( ) The world system ( ) Yourself ( ) Jesus

- Be faithful by sticking to the right message.
- Be faithful regardless of your life circumstances.
A unifying leader is...

3. A spiritual leader who leads confidently.