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Obadiah: Obliterating Obstinance (Pt.1)
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Dr. Curtis Woods

Series: Major on the Minors
Obadiah: Obliterating Obstinance (Pt.1)
Big Idea: Pride has no armor or allies that can stand against God

I. The Sovereign Lord calls the nations to destroy Edom (v. 1)
a. He gives the prophet a vision of impending doom.
i. The nations will slowly revolt against you.
1. Nabateans were from northern Arabia.
2. Jews were cousins to the north of Edom.
3. Romans subdued the fledgling Edomites living in Idumea (i.e., Southern Judea).

II. The Sovereign Lord breaks the pride of the original rock stars (vv. 2-9)
a. He turns their impregnable rocks into small pebbles.
i. Your self-deception gives you false security and comfort (vv. 3-4)
ii. Your wealth and walls cannot protect you from my wrath (v. 6)
iii. Your friends will become foes (v. 7)
iv. Your wise men will be made foolish (v. 8)
v. Your warriors will become fearful (v. 9)

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