Bouquet Canyon Church
Jesus: Source of Renewal
Today we are starting a new sermon series entitled "Renewal". As we come out of a difficult season, many are looking forward to "getting back to normal". But God specializes in making things new, not in just going back. In this series, we will see what Scripture teaches us about the renewing of our minds, the renewing of our strength, the renewing of relationships, etc. as we move forward into a new season and landscape. Today we will see that if we want renewal, we must go to the source: JESUS.
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  • Bouquet Canyon Church
    26900 Bouquet Canyon Rd, Santa Clarita, CA 91350, USA
    Sunday 10:00 AM

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Life Group Discussion Notes
Sermon: Renewal Part 1 - Jesus: Source of Renewal
Everyone is encouraged to bring a Bible (Phone apps are good for reading together in the same translation. Study Bibles give help with interpretation.)

1. Has anyone in your group ever restored something (e.g., an old car, furniture, etc.)? What was the process like? How did it turn out?
2. What do you think it looks like when a person gets restored by God? Have you seen this happen? Have you experienced it yourself?
3. Review: The sermon was the first in a series on renewal. It looked at Jesus as our source of renewal, focusing on the story in John 20 where the resurrected Jesus appears to the disciples and then also to Thomas. What stood out to you in this sermon? What do you remember about each of the main points (seen above)? Do you have any questions to bring up?
4. Take some time to read Acts 3:1-20
a) What types of renewal do you see in this passage?
b) Do you see examples of Jesus’ presence, peace, purpose, and provision in this story?
5. Now read John 5:1-16
a) How is this story different than the one in Acts 3?
b) Why do you think Jesus asked this man if he wanted to be healed?
c) What do you notice about the man’s response and what happened afterward?
6. What renewal do you need in your life? Do you want to be healed?
7. Pray together for renewal and healing in your lives and in the world around you.