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Chasing Greatness
Daniel 2:31-45
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What is greatness to you?

How do you measure greatness?

Are you living for the greatness that once was?

Are you living in the hope of greatness to come?
1. What Was

What was Nebuchadnezzar's dream?

A great image - magnificent statue; colossal figure

Exceeding brightness - awesome; invoking fear

Head of gold
Chest and arms of silver
Stomach and thighs of bronze
Legs of Iron / Feet of iron and clay
Stone not made by hand

Note: As the strength of the metals increase, their value decreases
2. What Is

"WE will tell you" - Daniel uses this opportunity to focus on God's sovereign power

Head of gold - Babylon (605-539 BC)
Chest and arms of silver - Medo-Persia (539-331 BC)
Stomach and thighs of bronze - Greece (331-146 BC)
Legs of Iron / Feet of iron and clay - Rome (146 BC - 1453 AD...and today)

3. What Is To Come

Stone not cut by human hands

Jesus is the rock of ages

Daniel 7:13 - dominion is everlasting, whose kingdom will never be destroyed

Micah 4

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