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PNC Graduation Service
Our community celebrates with our high school and college graduates! This is a tremendous achievement. We thank God for all God's provisions. We seek God for God's next steps. Congratulations for graduates and families. May you find the strength and courage that Jesus gives!
Locations & Times
  • Puyallup Nazarene Church
    1026 7th Ave SW, Puyallup, WA 98371, USA
    Saturday 5:30 PM
Jesus uses our common life to explain his future plans for us.
Jesus met a real need in the lives of the fishermen and they followed him.
We tend to follow after things and people that help us find where we are and where we want to be.

What if Peter would have stayed with his boat? What if he would have failed to follow Jesus?
Discussion and Application Questions for Group Life Communities and Personal Study- Join us as we learn about Grace.

Watch the Bible Project video.....https://youtu.be/ABPVVw_aw44


- What stands out for you as you watch the video?

- Where do you see grace in the story of Jacob and Esau- Gen. 33:8-10

- David cries out for God’s grace in Psalm 51:1. What are the circumstances behind this desperate prayer?


- Have you ever asked for favor when you did not deserve it? Explain the circumstance.

- Why is it hard for people to accept that God is ‘merciful and gracious, slow to anger and abounding in steadfast love and faithfulness? See Exodus 34:6

- How does Jesus help you to understand God as gracious? John 1:14


- Who in your life needs you to show them this kind of grace this week?

- Where do you need God’s grace to be poured out into you this week?

- How would you describe the grace of God to someone who would ask you about it?

As we live into the Four Principles for Living the Missio Dei:
*Share in life with people who do not yet know Jesus.
*Inspire others to know and follow Jesus by living your faith attractively.
*Grow with others in your faith and obedience.
*Serve others with sacrificial love.

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