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Sermon Series - Snapshots ll
Welcome! We are glad you are here. Pastor Jonathan Der brings today's message from a new Sermon Series titled, "Snapshots ll." We begin our first Snapshot with the story of the healing of a demon-possessed man in Mark 5:1-20. Fill out a Connection Card (link provided below) and let us know how we can serve you.
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Sermon Series: Snapshots ll
Sermon Title: Caring for the Other
Jonathan Der, Student Ministries Pastor
Mark 5:1-20
Is there anybody who is Other in your life, someone who costs you so much time, heart, energy, and sheer effort - someone whom you sorta secretly wished would just sorta... go away?
Part 3: The Demoniac's Backstory
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Discussion Prompts for Later:

1. Let’s be honest. Who are the person(s) in our life who drain us and cost us? Is God asking us to continue walking with them?

2. What attitudes or internal ugliness do I need to confess?

3. Is God asking us to journey alone with them? If not, who are the others with whom we could ask to share the burden? Why haven’t we?

4. Are there any forgivenesses I need to extend to them, even if they’re not asking?

5. Who can I ask to keep praying for me? What are the Biblical verses and passages through which I can hear God lift and encourage me in this journey? (See:

6. Challenge Level: What area of Otherness in my church gives me the most stress? (See list below.) What might God be asking of me in this?

ethnicity, culture, politics, sexuality, gender, gender identity, age, singleness or married, with kids or not, special need, addiction or other serious illness, or some Otherness?

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