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Can I Really Trust the Bible?
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What Scripture says about itself:
- 2 Timothy 3:16-17
- 2 Peter 1:20-21
- Psalm 19:7-8


The canon of scripture was determined by God and recognized by man.

Five criteria for recognizing what was determined by God:
- Authority
- Orthodoxy
- Catholicity
- Christo-centricity
- Inspiration

- Prescriptive vs Descriptive
- Literary devices
- Genre

- Biographical test
- Meticulous transmission
- Proven accuracy
- Miraculous preservation

- 400,000 variants across 66K manuscripts:
- 99% of are spelling, grammar and punctuation.
- Less than 1% affect the meaning of a word.
- Nothing changes Christian teaching or doctrine.

Common Solutions to Problem Passages:
- Citations need not be exact to be true.
- A partial report is not a false report.
- Different accounts are not necessarily contradictory.
- Different words can have the same meaning.
- A single word can have multiple meanings.

Textual variants are not errors.

The State of the Bible:
- 59% percent of Boomers (51-69) believe the Bible is a guide for living a meaningful life.
- 27% percent of Millennials (18-31) believe the Bible is a guide for living a meaningful life.
- 80% of Teens believe the Bible has errors.
- 36% of Millennials claim no religious affiliation.

Closing Thoughts:
- Andy Stanley - Focus on Jesus and the resurrection, over the inerrancy and infallibility.
- Matthew Mullins -The Bible is so much more than an instructional manual, magic eight ball or history book.
- Being better Bible readers makes us better lovers of God—and, in turn, better lovers of our neighbors.
- Yes, you can trust the Bible with your eternal destiny and with your daily decisions.
- The Bible is not meant to be cake for special occasion, its bread for daily use.