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May 23, 2021: The Sabbath Showdowns
These are the Bible passage and sermon notes for our Sunday morning worship services.
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    Sunday 9:30 AM
  • CrossWay Church
    Sunday 10:00 AM
Luke 6:1-11: The Sabbath Showdowns
I) What is the Sabbath?
A) The Sabbath is a day of the week set aside to focus on _______.
B) The Sabbath is a day of ____________ and rejuvenate.
C) Jews celebrated the Sabbath on ________________.
D) Christians celebrate the sabbath on _______________.
E) The Pharisees created ______ categories of prohibited Sabbath work.
II) A Sabbath showdown in the grain field.
A) While traveling, Jesus’s disciples _________ some grain and ate it.
B) The Pharisees were angry the disciples _________ their Sabbath laws.
C) Jesus reminded them God desires mercy over ____________ obedience.
D) When the disciples focused on him, they were focusing on _________.
1) Jesus is the “Son of _______” promised in Daniel 7:13,14.
2) Jesus is ___________ and “Lord of the Sabbath.”
E) Legalism makes people _______________ about trivial things.
What things have you been judgmental about? How important are they in scripture?

III) A Sabbath showdown in the synagogue
A) The Pharisees tried to ___________ Jesus.
B) Jesus asked them a question that put them on the _________.
C) Jesus __________ the man’s hand.
D) The Pharisees were ____________ and plotted their revenge on Jesus!
E) Legalism causes us to be __________________.
Who do you have a hard time show love (grace and mercy) toward?
IV) Jesus's actions show God's heart for mercy.
Who are the people in your life that could use compassion or mercy?

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