One Church NY
Sunday May 23, 2021
Sunday May 23, 2021
Locations & Times
  • One Church Akron Campus
    6 Scotland Rd, Akron, NY 14001, USA
    Sunday 8:00 AM
  • One Church Medina Campus
    208 Ann St, Medina, NY 14103, USA
    Sunday 8:00 AM
  • One Church, NY
    Sunday 8:00 AM
Women Of The Bible
Deborah - An Example Of Courage
Welcome to One Church!
Thank you for joining us today. We are so glad that you are here.

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Key Thought:
God at some point in our life will lead us out of our comfort zone into the character zone
Myths about courage:
-Courage does not mean you are never afraid.
-Courage does not mean taking stupid risks.
-Courage does not mean going it alone.
-Courage is not always easily recognized.
-Courage does not mean always being successful.
To be brave is to…

1. Believe God
3. Advance boldly despite my fear

I love this quote …. “When we confront our fear we kill it”
4. Venture alone if necessary include others if possible
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My Next Steps:
-Memorize Joshua 1:9
-Pray courage in the area of ___________________
-Be aware of those around me who need encouragement