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May 16, 2021: The Pharisee's Two Questions
These are the Bible passage and sermon notes for our Sunday morning worship services.
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Luke 5:27-39: The Pharisees' Two Questions

I) Levi Matthew: The Tax Collector

A) Tax collectors were _______________ by the Jews.

B) He responded to Jesus’s _________ and followed him.

C) He invited others to a __________ to get to know Jesus.

“In the East, even today, to invite a man to a meal was an honor. It was an offer of peace, trust, brotherhood, and forgiveness; in short, sharing a table meant sharing life. In Judaism in particular, table-fellowship means fellowship before God.”
Joachim Jeremias New Testament Theology: The Proclamation of Jesus

II) Pharisees' Two Questions and Jesus's Responses

A) Pharisees were religious leaders who focused on _________ purity.

B) The Pharisees Asked: Why are you having spiritual fellowship with _______________?

C) Jesus’s Response: I am the spiritual ___________ who heals people from sin through repentance.

D) Pharisees’ 2nd Question: Why don’t your followers show their devotion to God by ____________?

E) Jesus’s Response: My disciples must focus on their _____________ with me (their bridegroom) while I am here.

F) Jesus’s ______________ challenges them to give up their legalism and fully trust God’s grace.

1) You can’t pick and choose what you want to believe about Jesus and try to ____________ it onto your own belief system. It is all our nothing.

What things you try and pick and choose about Jesus or the Bible?

2) Christ’s grace is too powerful for the old wineskin of ___________ (earning God’s favor).

How do you try and earn God’s love or blessing?

What things make you afraid that God could never love you?

3) If we drink too much of the old stale _________________, we won’t taste the new wine of Christ’s grace.

How has legalism or trying to earn God’s love influenced your life?

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