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We Are: Pentecostal—An Unpredictable Response
Pentecost for over 1500 years was a celebration in Jerusalem that brought in Jews from all over the world. But on the Day of Pentecost that came just ten days after Jesus ascended back into heaven, the meaning of Pentecost was forever changed! Followers of Jesus—now empowered by an infilling of the Holy Spirit—began to take the good news of Jesus all over the world. These Spirit-filled Christians preached the Gospel and won converts to Christ even among hostile crowds, performed miracles and wonders, stood up to pagan priests and persecuting governmental leaders, and established a whole new way of living as Christ-followers. We, too, can be Pentecostal followers of Jesus Christ today. We can experience an anointing and an empowering in our lives that turns ordinary Christianity into extraordinary Christianity!
Locations & Times
  • Red Hawk Elementary (enter door #10)
    204 E Muskegon St, Cedar Springs, MI 49319, USA
    Domingo 10:30 AM

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“A life of joy in the Holy Spirit is a supernatural life.” —John Piper
“Immediately the Spirit of God comes in we begin to realize what it means—everything that is not of God has to be cleaned out. People are surprised and say, ‘I asked for the Holy Spirit and expected that He would bring me joy and peace, but I have had a terrible time ever since.’ That is the sign He has come, He is turning out the ‘money-changers,’ that is, the things that make the temple into a trafficking place for self-realization.” —Oswald Chambers
Don’t stop at salvation—be baptized in the Holy Spirit!

Your unpredictable, unmistakable peace and joy in the face of trials becomes a testimony to a watching world.

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