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When people were added to the way they were leaving their lives behind. They formed a community of believers together.

The Way Is Together as Family

God is a God of family. He’s into family, in fact that’s what he has desired from the beginning. Why we are called the family of God. He is a generational God. Abraham, Issac, Jacob.

When you became a follower of the way, you’re committing to a new family. A spiritual family.
Picture of a healthy spiritual family in Acts 4

The way is together and united as family . - 3 ways we are together as family

1. Together in Unity
2:42 They devoted themselves to fellowship - 4:32 All the believers were one in heart & mind

Koinonia - Fellowship, Sharing Unity. Close association, partnership, participation. Communion. A brotherhood. - Unity brought about by the Holy Spirit. Intimate bond of fellowship with Christians.

Unity is togetherness with agreement. One heart. One mind…together. God is a God of unity.
Psalm 133 - brothers live in unity - Tower of Babel - unified accomplish anything

United in Jesus

Jesus is the common denominator that unifies us. Because of Jesus we are family!

The world has racism, barriers, caste systems, hierarchy in financial status…but in Christ we have no barriers. There are no divisions. We are all equal at the foot of the cross.

United in Mission

United in Harmony
• Too many people look for what to disagree upon rather than what to agree upon.
• Keep the main things the main things.


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• Jesus is the melody, we are the harmony
• We don’t compete with each other. We compliment each other.

You have to fight for unity in the family of God.

Where we find freedom, growth, healing, community, prayer, faith, love, encouragement, strength, where we experience the presence of God - have our needs taken care of.

If you’re never assembled in proximity, you’ll never be moved to generosity.

Together in Generosity

The marker of love is generosity.
The family of God should be marked by uncommon generosity
• Generosity becomes easy when you realize “I am not the owner. I am simply a steward”
Galatians 6:10 - As we have opportunity, let us do good to everyone, and especially to those who are of the household of faith.

Progression- devoted to each other, in prayer, fellowship, uncommon generosity, together in unity, meeting together in church and homes - Result = joy, peace, favor and people added


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