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Judges - Broken Heroes Gracious God
Week 1
Pastor Dave Pretlove
1. In just ____ _______, everything can change.
2. Even at our _____ ______, God is always longing to deliver us when we ______ ____ _____.
3. Our longing for a _______ _____ will only be found in one place.
1. Just one generation can change everything. For good or bad. What was your upbringing like? Were you raised in a Christian home?

2. In Judges you see where God’s people started to do what was right in their own eyes. Can you think of example if this in today’s culture?

3. If we do not know the Word of God, we can fall into “doing what is right in our own eyes” just like these examples in Judges. What are some ways we can help make sure we do not fall into this?

4. Pastor Dave made this point on Sunday, “Even at our very worst, God is always longing to deliver us when we turn to him.” The book of Judges demonstrates this over and over. What picture of God does this paint for you when you read about this inordinate grace?

5. When we read the first 2 chapters in Judges we see a theme of disobedience to God leading to defeat. Can you think of examples where this still applies today?

6. We heard a powerful testimony from Megan Ulrich this week. Do you know of a similar story where one person’s salvation led to a new generation of Christ Followers or even generations?
Something to think about:
Read the first two chapters of Judges. In Judges, Gods
people choose idols and temporary pleasures over the love of the father. We may not physically bow and worship a golden idol, but we can definitely give things in our life more devotion and attention that we give God and make them an idol. Take some time to meditate on the first 2 chapters in. Judges and ask the Lord to show you anything in your life that you might be making an idol.
“Then the people rejoiced because they had given willingly, for with a whole heart they had offered freely to the Lord. David the king also rejoiced greatly.” - 1 Chronicles 29:9

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