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First Baptist Church of Richland
Sunday Worship Service 5-9-21
Welcome to FBC Sunday Worship!
Locations & Times
  • FBC Richland
    1107 Wright Ave, Richland, WA 99354, USA
    Sunday 9:30 AM

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Approach : 'Draw near to God and he will draw near to you'

Pastor Tim Walker
For further study: Genesis 22:1-8; Exodus 12:1-7; Leviticus 4:32-35; 1 Peter 1:13-23
Can you recite James 4:8a from memory?
(memorized reading) Luke 6:37 (ESV)
J n, & w n b J; C n, & y w n b C; F, & y w b F
Read Matthew 18:21-35

Terms to know:
Talent: A monetary unit worth about twenty years’ wages
Denarii: a monetary unit; one is worth a day’s wages

Why did Jesus tell Peter (his student) this story?
What was the main point of Jesus’ teaching through this story?
Why do you think the servant couldn’t/wouldn’t forgive his fellow servant?
If you were asked to go visit this servant in prison, what would you want to ask him?
What would you want to tell him?
How could an understanding of the Altar of Burnt Offering and the Tabernacle inform your discussion and help to free him?
Where do you struggle to believe God’s promise of forgiveness for you in Christ?
Is there someone in your life who you are struggling to forgive?

How can you make it right?
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Breakout Sessions at 11:00 AM
Our breakout sessions begin at 11:00. We hope you'll join us after the service:
Book of Titus with Paul Eslinger - An interactive bible study for adults
- Meets in Room 303

• The Discipline of Communion with Pastor Tim - Join this session as we explore and discuss the discipline of communion
- Meets in the MPR