LifePoint Church (Pearland, TX)
Courage Over Fear - Week 4
Pastor Cecil Whitton on May 2, 2021. Watch this service online on Facebook or YouTube.
Locations & Times
  • Main Campus
    3011 Yost Blvd, Pearland, TX 77581, USA
    Sunday 9:00 AM, Sunday 10:45 AM
  • Online (YouTube & Facebook)
    Sunday 9:00 AM
1. Remember to pause for ________ in the middle of the _________ toward the _________.
2. Remember to remember all that God ___________.
3. Remember to remember all that God ___________.
In the _______ of your _________, build a __________.
4. Remember to remember all that God __________.
The altar was not only a ___________, but a ______________.
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Who was instructed to collect stones for the monument of praise (v. 2-4)? How does this point to the future praise of God in eternity (Revelation 7:9)?
Who did God say would ask about the stone memorial they built (v. 7 & 21)?

o Do your children (or others close to you) ask about things in your life that point to God?

o Is there anything you could do to give people around you a greater opportunity to see God’s work in you?
Where did the Israelites set up their memorial
(v. 3, 8, & 20)? Was it far off or was it near where they were living?

o What regular memorials and reminders of God’s grace (whether physical things or regular activities) are in the middle of your life?
Verse 23 compares the crossing of the Jordan River to the crossing of the Red Sea, reminding them of their miraculous salvation from slavery.

o How do the things God is doing in your life today point back to your salvation through the cross of Christ?
For what ultimate purposes did God make a way for the Israelites to cross the Jordan riven (v. 24)?

o Think back to a miracle or blessing God has done for you. Do you think your experience served the same ultimate purposes? Why?

o How does our salvation serve the same ultimate purposes?