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The King and His Cross
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Series: Follow the King
Title: The King and His Cross
Mark 8:27–9:1
Invitation of Jesus: “Take up your cross and follow me.”

1. What it means.
2. How it’s possible.
3. Why you would do it.
Follow the King:
1. What it means.
– Mark 8:34
Deny myself.
Take up my cross.
2. How it’s possible.
– Mark 8:31
The Christ went to his cross.
It was necessary for Jesus to suffer and die on a cross.
–Mark 8:31
o It was necessary to accomplish God’s plan.
o It was necessary for me.
It is only possible for me to take up my cross because Jesus Christ took up his cross.
3. Why you would do it.
– Mark 8:35
It is only by losing your life in Christ that you will find it.
It is the only way to joy that lasts.
One day Jesus will return.