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Slow to Anger (Exodus 16)
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Study Outline:
---- a. Israel compares their current situation to the past (3)
---- b. Israel complains about God’s plan and provisions (8)
---- c. Israel ignores the Lord’s instructions (20)
---- d. Israel disappoints the Lord (28), yet He loves them (35)

Teaching Outline:

Big Idea: God’s patience overtakes rebellious hearts

---- a. It all starts when we compare our life with others (Phil 4:11)
---- b. It moves to complaining and that robs us of joy (Phil 2:14)
---- c. In frustration we stop listening and try to handle life on our own (James 1:19)
---- e. With disappointment, God graciously walks with us towards home (John 14:2)
AUTHENTICITY - real people, real faith
What are some areas in your life where you test God’s patience? Bring those before the Lord in prayer this week. In other words, be honest with Him about your struggles.

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Read through the Book of Exodus in 12 days with Bible Reading Plan below.