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Margin | Week 2
We all know that we live life 24/7, but God intended 24/6. Our new reality over the last year has been even more pressed. Formerly, we had natural boundaries that created some margin. We whined about the commute, but we had time to ourselves that separated work from home, school from home. But all of those were absorbed by quarantine, stay-at-home orders, and other cocooning structures. Some created free time with firm boundaries; others suffered more burnout because it never ended. How do we rebuild appropriate margin in our electronic world?
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Minutes = Dollars
60 x 24 x 365
Half a million $$
Life “TIME” Income = 49 million!
Only YOU can decide how to USE TIME.
Two Gifts Enforce Those Choices:

1.The power to say YES.
2.The power to say NO.

“If you can’t say ‘No,’ then your “Yes” means NOTHING.”
You have to decide what you will and won't do, and when.
1st: Personal Recharge

2nd: Connecting
The amount within us is FINITE. No one has infinite capacity for emotional discharge. When we are depleted, we are depleted!
You have to decide what you will and won't do, and when.

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