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In-Person Worship on Sundays at 9:40am & 11:15am
Facebook Livestream at 9:40am & 11:15am
Bible References:
John 5:1-20
Isaiah 35:3-9
2. Jesus cares deeply about the people that society pushes aside.
· Followers of Jesus are called to care for those that society pushes to the margins.
3. Be careful that your attempts at ensuring your own righteousness and the righteousness of others doesn’t keep you from caring about the things that God cares about.
1. How can you be trying to emulate Jesus in how he cares for those who are most neglected by society?
2. Is this an issue that really deals with a scriptural mandate, or is this just a place where someone else isn’t living out the rules I have made for myself?
Reflection Questions:

1. How do the miracles of Jesus help us see that Jesus is God?

2. How does knowing more about what the pool of Bethesda was like help us have a better understanding of what Jesus cares about?

3. What for you is the most challenging part of trying to care for those that society pushes aside?

4. What are a few ways you can try to live into our call to care for those who are marginalized by society?

5. The Jewish leaders focused so much on their own rules that they lost track of what God cares about. Have you ever seen that happen in your own life?

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