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At Riverside, we're striving to Live Different because of Jesus. Currently, we have in-person worship at 8:30AM and 11AM. All of our worship gatherings are also online as we respond to Covid-19 and seek to love our neighbors well. Please join us online at riverside-church.org!
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“Hope is not a strategy. The same broken plan with more hope will never produce a bigger impact.”
― Tony Morgan
How do we move forward when we get stuck?
3 Foundational Truths for Every Family Moving Forward:
1. Jesus is Lord
2. The Holy Spirit is our Helper
3. The Church is our Village
This is another way of saying,Imitate God! (Eph 5.1). Or, follow the example of Jesus! (Eph 5.2).
This is Paul's instruction to wives to imitate God, to follow the example of Christ, to love their husbands with self-sacrificing love.
This is Paul's instruction to husbands to imitate God, to follow the example of Christ, to love their wives with self-sacrificing love.
This is Paul's instruction to children to imitate God, to follow the example of Christ, to love their parents with self-sacrificing love.
Home Group Questions:
1. Haven't you ever gotten your car stuck before? What happened? How did you get it unstuck?
2. How do we sometimes get stuck in our relationships? In our marriages? With our kids? How do we get unstuck?
3. Read Ephesians 5.21-33. What is the headline statement in verse 21 that Paul places above this section for families?
4. What does Paul teach us about what Holy Spirit guided relationships look like between husbands and wives?
5. Why is the idea of mutual submission so important to living out the Christ life in our most important relationships?
6. Read Ephesians 6.1-4. What does Paul teach us here about family relationships for followers of Jesus?
7. Why is it important for our families to remember that: Jesus is Lord, the Holy is our Helper, and the church is our village? How have those three ideas helped and shaped your marriage/family?
8. Close by praying that God will help us move forward in our family relationships by "submitting to one another out of reverence for Christ."

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