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Kryptonite: Mine!! - May 2
From the time we were born, this attitude/action has been kryptonite in our relationships. The world says it’s a virtue. God says it’s sin and weakens our relationships.
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What is selfishness?

• Selfishness is a self-centered concern for oneself, without due regard to the needs of others.

• Selfishness, at its root, is the dethronement of God.
• Selfishness is a characteristic of our sinful nature and our sinful culture.
How has our culture discipled us into selfishness?

Mr./Ms. Marvelous

The Manipulator

The Martyr

The Control Freak
Reflection: Which type of selfishness do you tend to struggle with most and how do think it weakens your relationships?
How do we kill the kryptonite and be discipled by Jesus rather than the world?

1. Follow the example of Jesus
2. Love and serve one another
IN YOUR GROUP questions

1. As a Group, list examples of selfishness you see in our culture today.

2. How does selfishness impact the health of our relationships?

3. Read Romans 1:28-31 in your Group. Besides selfishness, what other sins are a result of dethroning or not acknowledging God?

4. When do you tend to be selfish? If you don’t know, ask those who are closest to you.

5. Look back at the four ways the culture has discipled us into selfishness. Which one(s) tend to show up in your life the most?

6. Read Philippians 2:1-11. How can you follow Jesus’ example of selflessness and self-emptying? List some specific ways you can follow His example this week.

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