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Kryptonite: Liar, Liar! - April 18
We learn to lie when we are about three years old. Researchers think it’s part of our natural development. The Bible says it’s part of our sinful nature, and it is kryptonite which weakens and destroys our relationships.
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Big Idea: Lying often appears to serve our purposes, but it often weakens and destroys relationships.
What is lying?

Lying is the deformation of truthfulness.
Types of Lies

A. Lying
B. Deceit
C. Dishonest
D. Flattery
E. Lying by omission
F. Exaggeration

1. Enlarging beyond bounds and truth
2. Speaking or acting which leads to people being deceived, misled, or cheated
3. Statements or answers which are untrue
4. Withhold facts that lead to misrepresentation and misconception
5. Behavior, word or action which is deliberately intended to make people believe things that are not true
6. Insincere and undeserved praise or words of encouragement, used with the intention of gaining favor with others

Add a personal note with your answers.
Why do we lie?

What happens when we lie?

How do we live into the practice of truthfulness?

Diagrams PDF

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IN YOUR GROUP questions

1. Read Acts 5:1-11 again. What did you like about the story? What didn’t you like about the story?
2. What did we learn about human beings from this story?
3. What did we learn about God from this story?
4. What were the consequences of Ananias and Sapphira’s lying?
5. When are we prone to lie about our values and about the facts?
6. How has our culture shaped us to lie and to be lied to?
7. Talk about a time when lying has weakened and/or destroyed a relationship?
8. How can you begin to practice living in truthfulness? Write your “I will statement” and share it with your Group.

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