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Rerouting | Week 2
We all know what it sounds like. Our GPS system tells us we have taken a wrong turn. We usually know it—we feel lost, off schedule, out of sync. We take a look at the display and hear that word, “Rerouting.” It changes the destination, changes our journey completely. How we respond to that new destination is fraught with our own decisions—wrong turns, wrong exits, and we often wind up going in circles. This series explores some of those wrong turns, wrong exits, misconceptions.
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Everyone is accepted by Jesus--Heaven is for all “good” people.
We humans have always wanted to be our own God!
God revealed Himself and gave us the truth, gave us the blueprint for life.
Jesus was trying to help very religious people recognize just how lost they were.
If you have a God that does not push you, contradict your wishes, you have not a God.

You mistake God for an echo of your own voice, a reflection of your own image.
An infinite God will always frustrate a finite being who believes that he/she, not God, is the one in charge.

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