New Horizon Easter: "The Gift of Forever"
Easter Sunday, April 4, 2021
Jesus delivered the goods with His death and Resurrection. Those who trust in Christ will live forever. And heaven tomorrow changes everything today.
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Happy Easter! Today’s the day that changed everything. With His cross, Jesus purchased our forgiveness, and with His Resurrection, Jesus offers us forever. Thank You, Jesus!

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New message series begins next week: “Living Resurrected-ly”
God raised Jesus so we can live to the full. Let’s learn practical ways God works in our lives: freedom from our past, healing for our hearts, purpose for our lives, victory in the midst of hardships, overcoming doubts & fears, power to love, and more.

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Today’s Message ”The Gift of Forever”

Jesus delivered the goods with His death and Resurrection. Those who trust in Christ will live forever. And heaven tomorrow changes everything today.

Scripture Passage. John 11:21-27

1. What does it mean to be Easter People? (Romans 1:4)

2. What does “resurrection” mean for us?
Forever-life (v.25)
New life (Romans 6:4)
God-life (2 Corinthians 5:15)

3. Who will be resurrected? (John 5:24-29)

4. How does Jesus change the resurrection equation? (v.26-27)

5. What does the story of Lazarus teach us about resurrection?


Do you believe in the Resurrection of Jesus? Why or why not? What makes you doubt? What makes you sure?

Where do you find yourself in the Story of Lazarus? Has Jesus called you to new life? Have you responded? If so, how has Jesus made your life different?


Living forever is a given for all of us. According to the Scriptures, have you transacted with Jesus to spend forever with God? If not, will you do so today?

What do you do on a daily basis that has “forever” significance or consequence? What priorities need to shift for you to be more “forever” minded?

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