St Marks Congregational Church
Resurrection Sunday Service
Locations & Times
  • St Marks Church PE
    447 Cape Rd, Westering, Port Elizabeth, 6025, South Africa
    Sunday 6:30 AM
What has God’s LOVE for me cost Him?

Pain, suffering and humiliation that we cannot imagine and will never come close to experiencing. The Just dying for the unjust.
God CHOSE to lay down His life for me...
What are you possibly going to give to God that He doesn’t already have, hasn’t already received or can’t create Himself?
What does He get out of this? – YOU

This is what we get out of it!

It’s phenomenal to be FULLY KNOW and FULLY LOVED, but that’s not the full purpose…

What starts as our need must grow into our love for others.

From all of us at St Marks we wish you a blessed Easter.

Lord, I am so insignificant, yet You know me. I am so underserving of Your love, yet nothing can separate me from Your love. Thank You for paying the ultimate price for my sins.

Today we celebrate what you did on the cross by conquering death.

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