Calvary BFC
GOD GIVES LIFE - Romans 4:18-25
God has done amazing things for people. But how do we access those blessings? The answer is simple to give, but might be a lot harder to live. Join us on Easter Sunday as we provide God’s answer for how we receive the greatest blessings that He has for us.
Locations & Times
  • Calvary BFC
    6782 N Main St, Coopersburg, PA 18036, USA
    Sunday 7:30 AM, Sunday 9:00 AM, Sunday 10:45 AM
Congregational Meeting Announcement
Special Congregational Meeting for Updates on the Building Project on April 18th at 2 PM.
I. God saved Abraham through faith- vv. 18-22
• Abraham understood reality
• Abraham grew strong in faith
• God rewarded Abraham’s faith
II. God saves us through faith- vv. 23-25
• We are not perfect
• God counts our faith as righteousness because of Jesus
• Jesus rising from the dead declares that God saves all who trust in Him
III. Have faith in God’s promise to you
• Decide to trust Jesus for salvation- Romans 10:9
• Follow Jesus as Lord of your life- use the Next Steps Pathway
• Learn more about living by faith
Bottom Line: Follow Jesus by trusting the promises of God
Questions To Consider
1. What did God promise to Abraham (Genesis 15:5)? How did Abraham respond to the promise (Genesis 15:6)?

2. How long did it take for Abraham’s faith to be rewarded? What were the rewards?

3. What failures did Abraham have in his faith? How did God treat Abraham for those failures? In what way should God’s reactions encourage us?

4. Who else benefits from Abraham’s life (Romans 4:23-24)? What benefit do we receive from Abraham’s story?

5. What does verse 25 mean that Jesus was “delivered over because of our transgressions"?

6. What does verse 25 mean that Jesus was “raised because of our justification"?

7. How should I respond to Jesus’ death and resurrection?

8. How can we live out a true faith in Jesus?

9. How can we grow in our faith in Jesus?