OroNaz April 4, 2021
Join us for our 10am Easter Service in-person in the Sanctuary or the Fellowship Hall, or drive-in and park curbside to see the TV, or online at oronaz.org/stream on our YouTube channel. Masks are required for in-person events. For bi-weekly OroNaz updates go to oronaz.org/newslettersignup to get our email newsletter in your inbox.
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    2238 Monte Vista Ave, Oroville, CA 95966, USA
    Sunday 10:00 AM
Welcome to OroNaz. For announcements click here.
Welcome to OroNaz Easter Service! The Lord is Risen!

FULL CHILDCARE AVAILABLE, nursery through 6th grade; greeters can escort you and your children to Children’s Check-in desk.

EASTER OFFERING will be received Sunday, April 11. It will benefit the Madre de Rios region of Peru where torrential rains caused flooding to over 3,500 homes. On envelopes and checks, please write 'Easter Offering 2021'. Please see flyer online at oronaz.org/missions.

GRIEFSHARE RECESSED TODAY; resumes next Sunday, April 11, 3pm.

5:00 PRAYER RECESSED TODAY; resumes next Sunday, April 11, 5pm, in the Fellowship Hall. Sunday Morning Prayer, 8am, in the Meet & Greet room.

Men's Pure Desire Group Fellowship Hall Mon 6:30-8:00pm
Women Alive Book Club Rm 112 Tue 10am or 6pm
Youth Group - 6-12 grade Courtyard/Fellowship Hall Tue 6-8pm
Serenity - 12 Step Recovery Sanctuary Wed 6:00-7:30pm

Easter Tension
Pastor Travis Marshall
April 4, 2021
Easter is not a wishful happy ending, it’s a shockingly new beginning!
1) The way ______________________= ______________(fear)
God’s original intention for humanity is the storyline that all of us are longing for.
2) The way ____________________________= _________________ (astonishment)
In a farming culture the first fruit was the guarantee of hope that the harvest is coming.
It promised that the fullness is near and that is how the Bible talks about the resurrection of Jesus.
The first fruit of Jesus’ resurrection isn’t the fullness of what we long for, but the guarantee on what we long for.
Blanks Key: things are, Terror, things ought to be, Amazement
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