WestWay Christian Church
A Church on Mission- May 2 2021
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Locations & Times
  • WestWay Christian Church
    1701 W 27th St, Scottsbluff, NE 69361, USA
    Sunday 10:15 AM
About WestWay:
Our mission is simple: we want to proclaim Jesus Christ as Lord. We're growing in three ways: our unity, our purpose and our love. This happens because of the power of the Holy Spirit. God is glorified. Lives are changed. People grow in their relationships with God and with others. We're glad you're here!

Learn more at www.westwaychurch.com.To make the most of your experience, we'd love for you to download our free app. Just text the word "westway" to 77977.

What To Expect:

We're currently in Phase 3 of WestWay's "re-gathering" plan. Our Nursery, Wee-Ones (toddlers), and Noah's Park (pre-k & kindergarten), and elementary age (grades 1-5) areas are open on Sunday mornings. Small groups and Sunday school for adults have begun to meet again. Learn more below.


We'd love to pray with you!

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Series Overview and Additional Resources

How does the Bible “work”? What is it’s purpose? Where did it come from? How did we get it? Can we trust it? What does it mean for me? Join us as we wrestle with these (and other) questions as we survey the entire Bible together.

Since the beginning, God has invited people to join Him in brining order to chaos. We are to live in ways that demonstrate the realities of His Kingdom and the blessings that flow from relationship and harmony with Him. This work is not reserved for an elite; it's the mission and purpose of all who identify with and love Jesus.

This week, we'll be talking about How the Bible Works to Give us a Mission; we'll be reading and discussing Matthew 28:18-20 and 2 Corinthians 5:17-20.
Questions about the Sermon or Anything Else?
Text QUESTION to 308-252-3273 and we will address them in our Tuesday Q&A Facebook Live video on Tuesdays at 11:15. The texts are anonymous to us and the public.
Additional Questions for Your Family, Small Group or in a Bible Study:
A church is on mission with Christ in our world to carry out the Father's redemptive purposes. We have a very specific mission and a very specific purpose (Matt 28:18-20, 2 Cor 5:17- 20). If you are a Christian and this is your church home, you are here to participate in God's redemptive mission.

Read and discuss Matthew 28:18-20.
- Why does Jesus begin his statement with "I have been given all..."
- What does "make disciples" mean?"

How are you doing personally at "making disciples"? How is WestWay doing? Be specific.

Read and discuss 2 Corinthians 5:17-20.
- What does the word "reconciliation" mean in this context?
- What does it mean to be "an ambassador for Christ"?

How are you doing personally at being Christ's ambassador? How is WestWay doing? Be specific.

For Discussion:

Because God builds the body to match the assignment, think about the people God has added to WestWay over the past 18 months. Think about their age, life stage, etc. Spend time in prayer asking God to reveal the assignment God has for us in Scottsbluff. Discuss and write down what you sense God is saying.

Read 1 Corinthians 13:4-8. Make two lists:
Love is...

Love is not...

Take time to pray, asking God to reveal the truth to you about your fellowship (love relationship) with Him and your Christian brothers and sisters.

- What do you sense God is saying about your fellowship with other Christians?

- What do you sense God is saying about your fellowship with God?

- Why do you think God has added you to your present church body?

- What do you do in your church that most effectively helps build up the body of Christ?

- Where can you see signs of the work God is doing and how He’s asking you to participate?

- How is God calling you to remind others that they are made in His image?

Be Generous

Thank you for your generous support of the ministry of WestWay Christian Church.

Praying with Lizzy, Sue, and John:


- To consistently set aside personal time with God
- WestWay's upcoming Grandparenting Summit - advertising/marketing

John 3-
- That God can prepare me, as well as American students to reach out to the International students on campus.
- That God can prepare international students to hear his message, specifically:
- For Muslim and Jewish students to be open to seeing Jesus as God’s Son
- For Japanese students to see that God is real, and worth sacrificing for
- For Chinese students to experience the supernatural, and recognize that the world is more than material
- For Americans to see God’s desire for the nations, the nations that are all around them.

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