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The Greatest Story Ever REtold: Nehushtan, John 3:16
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Thank you for joining us today. We hope you come to know more of who Jesus is while you're here. At Element we aim to "To Glorify God by teaching and living out the Scriptures, transforming community into Gospel Community, and planting churches."

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Element Blood Drive

Element is happy to host Vitalant for a blood drive to help relieve the shortage of blood available in our community. Registration opens to the public May 3rd so claim your spot early!
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All the things

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Big Idea:

We have a problem; our hearts are not centered on God. As a result of not being centered on God there is an infinite discontent and dissatisfaction that our lives have built up with everything. In Numbers 21 we are being shown a correlation of what is happening in Israel’s bodies is exactly what was happening in their souls. We have an unquenchable, all-consuming thirst that will eventually (if there’s not some supernatural intervention in our life) lead us to believe that nothing is good enough.

What is the sickness that we all have that needs to be healed?
In what areas of your life has God provided for you, that you see as ordinary and mundane, and want to be better?
What provisions have grown to become detestable by you?

Where is your greatest dissatisfaction in your life?
What does it mean to be enthralled by the goodness of God?
What would a life look like being enthralled by God’s goodness?
Does your life look like that?

Why are friendships so important to the healing process?
What is the state of your friendships?
What spiritual repair do you need to spend some time working on with a friend?
Do you blame-shift? If you do not know, maybe ask others to identify this for you.
How can you cease shifting blame, and take responsibility?

Read John 3:7-15.
Discuss what Christ did on the Cross. How He became sin and took our poison so we can be healed.
Do you tend to try to ‘do’ things to bring healing, instead of simply ‘looking’ at Jesus?

Where are your eyes fixated most of the time?
What would it look like to move your eyes from yourself to the cross?
How can you grow in doing so?

Spend time thanking and praising God for carrying our diseases, our infirmity and our affliction, and healing you of your spiritual, and greatest, need

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