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Psalm 23 | Does my Life Have Meaning?
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Tithes & Offerings: Your financial support of Brookside Church extends your worship of Him who first provides all that we have. Mortgage to Ministry: This initiative, over and above regular giving, is to pay off our existing mortgage within the next three years. Indicate “Mortgage to Ministry” on your contributions to this initiative.

Child Dedication May 9th

The dedication of our children to the Lord is a parental pledge.The act of dedication is not a saving ordinance whereby your child’s soul is saved, rather it is a public expression of the fact that he or she belongs to Him. God has given your child to you and you are humbly returning the “gift” back to God. You, as parents, are “setting apart” your child for a life of Christian character.

Giving Totals: April 25, 2021

Weekly Budget: $28,500  Weekly Actual: $28,462 Year to date budgeted: $484,500 Year to date actual: $462,793 Mortgage to Ministry: Pledged: $500,021 Received: $320,430
There will never be atime in my life where I will not need lead.
Jesus is less interested in you being comfortable and more interested in you being found.
There will never be a time in my life where I will not need lead.