Karl Road Baptist Church
April 4, 2021
Locations & Times
  • Karl Road Baptist Church
    5750 Karl Rd, Columbus, OH 43229, USA
    Sunday 8:30 AM


Thank you for joining us today! There is space for you here - space to breathe, to think, to rest, and to belong. Head over to karlroadbaptist.org to learn more.



Head over to karlroadbaptist.org (link below) to submit your 1-minute Connect Card. When you do that for the first time, we'll send you a $5 TimCard as a thanks for being our guest!

The Ministry Council has approved the following members of the church to serve the Lord and the congregation in doing all the work necessary to identify the next Senior Pastor for KRBC and bring that person before the congregation for a vote. They are Rick Armstrong, Laura Hall, Aaron Joiner, Doug Lambert, Jeff Lashley (Chairperson), Nena McKinney, Joyce Merchant, William Nfor, and Jen Zigler. Pray for this group as they get started this month. Ask God to give them wisdom and understanding. Pray the ultimate outcome will be a gifted, godly pastor to help lead our church in the future.
Easter Video/Praise
Easter Medley
Do You See?
John 20:1-8

A First Kind Of Seeing: Glancing
1. It’s the most superficial, obvious kind of sight.
2. Seeing Jesus in this way can mean:
· Acknowledging Jesus’ historical existence
· Recognizing He was a great teacher and prophet.
· Even accepting His death and resurrection.
3. Because you don’t see Jesus’ true significance, He is essentially irrelevant to your life.
A Second Kind Of Seeing: Gazing
1. It means to observe and study what you see to some degree. John 2:23-24
2. I can be intrigued with, interested in, and impressed by Jesus, but it’s still inadequate.
A Third Kind Of Seeing: Grasping
1. It means to understand something fully and have true insight into whatever I’m observing.
2. Grasping is understanding what is revealed by the Holy Spirit to my mind and heart. John 11:40; 14:7,9
3. To see in this way is to know and to believe.
4. Truly believing in Jesus means my active commitment rather than a passive state of mind.
5. Truly believing in Jesus always results in a personal, comprehensive change.
6. Truly believing in Jesus will even change how I face life’s tragedies and disappointments.
Praise Offering
Man of Sorrows
Glorious Day


1. Text KRBC to 732-562
2. By check dropped in the box in the lobby or in the mail.
3. Online at


Join us on YouTube https://www.youtube.com

Join us on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/karlroadbaptistchurch/

Join us on KRBC Website www.karlroadbaptist.org
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