Koinonia Church
Koinonia Church March 28, 2021 - Crowds | Palm Sunday
Pastor Candace Cortez
Locations & Times
  • Koinonia Church
    Saturday 4:30 PM
  • Koinonia Church
    12536 Hanford Armona Rd, Hanford, CA 93230, USA
    Saturday 4:30 PM
• People of Praise are not dependent on comfort.
• People of Praise recognized God in His rightful place.
• Never trade fear of God for fear of man.
• The Mob mentality can result from mindlessness.
• Mobs are characterized by unbridled emotions.
1. When looking at your life right now, do you more closely identify with the people of praise or the mob (characterized by unbridled emotions, mindlessness, focus on people vs God, and dependent on comfort)? Is there a specific moment or characterization that you need to repent for from this most recent season?
2. When you look at the core people in your life, who are you learning and growing with? Are they people of praise?
3. What can you do this week to more align your whole week (not just your church day) with more Jesus? Take a moment and ask God to reveal a next step to you and give you the grace needed to take it!
If you made a choice to follow Jesus today, text "Jesus" to 559.500.4830. You will receive texts from Pastor Andrew to help with your next steps.
Do you need prayer?
You can submit prayer requests to prayer@kchanford.com

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