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Sunday Morning Service
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II Kings 3:4-27
Overrun By SELF

1. Much of the church is run by the flesh. We live in our own strength and wonder why God has
withdrawn His blessing. Life dries up!
2. Are you living in your own strength instead of God’s glorious power?
3. This was the case in II Kings 3:4-27.

Are you overrun by the flesh (SELF)?
For 150 years Moab has been paying this high tax…100,000 lambs and 100,000 rams for
wool. Ahab dies and Mesha revolts. Jehoram, the brother of Ahaziah (the one who
succeeded Ahab and died from a fall through a lattice for worshipping Baalzebub). He
reigned two years.
A. Our Pride 6 Causes Us To Operate In Our Own Strength.
1. Numbered means, to visit for the sake of reviewing or inspecting.
2.Jehoram wanted to assess his strength. He thought his strength was in horses and chariots.
3.The flesh looks at us, our ability, our intellect, our strength instead of God.
B. Our Partnership 7 Causes Us To Choose Wrong Friends.
1. He wasn’t powerful enough so….
2.Jehoshaphat, should have had nothing to do with Jehoram! (7) He was basically a good man, but kept getting into trouble by keeping bad company. He nearly lost his life (II Chron. 18:31,32; 19:1,2) He was rebuked (II Chron 20:35-37). He didn’t learn!
3.Wrong friends will kill you!!
C. Our Perspective 8,9 Causes Us To Seek Advice From Others Apart from God’s Word.
1. Which way shall we go? Jehoshaphat: The way through the wilderness. Directions: Moab from the North…cross the Jordan R…South East of the Dead Sea to the River Arnon which is the North border of Moab.
Attack from the South. It was a 100 mile trip to the South end of the Dead Sea through the desert of Edom. Use the element of surprise, and pick up Edom on the way. Sounds like a plan!!
2. Major Flaw: It did not come from God!! He does not seek advice from a prophet. He does not seek a word from God.
3.We can do that! “God, what do you want for my life?” “God, what do you want me to do?” Flesh, SELF…moves forward without asking God.
D. Our Predicament 9b Causes Us To Dry Up.
God is bringing us to the end of ourselves. 7 days into the journey and no water…
1. He wished he had sought the Lord. He was traveling 15 miles a day.
2.Water is vital. Water is a picture of the Holy Spirit. Flesh…SELF operates in its own strength and not the power of the Spirit. The fruit of the Spirit is not evident. Without the water of the Holy Spirit our life will dry up!
E. Our Point 10 Causes Us To Blame God For Our Wrong Choices 10
1. Jehoram’s reaction to the adversity was to blame God.
2.With flesh or SELF it is always easy to blame someone else. It is always someone else’s fault.

Are you overrun by the flesh (SELF)?
A. The Preparation For The Power 11-15
1.We Need To Have A Word From God 11
*Providentially Elisha has been going with the army of Israel.
*We don’t know who one of the king’s servants said…
*Get to God’s word.
2. We Need To Hear A Word From God 12
*The word of the Lord is with him.
*This is the most important qualification of any spokesman for God.
*If the word of God is with him, then God is with him. (vss 16, 17)
*We need to get into the Word. Most own the Book…few get into the Book.
3. We Need To Harbor A Word From God 13
*Elisha starts with the real problem (1-3).
*God doesn’t speak to those who are out of fellowship with Him. He breaks and
convicts, but He is silent to the hardened. The lost cannot know the voice of God.
Jehoram doesn’t get it. He cannot see from God’s perspective.
4. We Need To Honor A Word From God 14
*The Word of God is for the people of God.
*Royalty meant nothing. Your standing may impress others, but God is not impressed!
*Who are you trying to impress?
5. We Need To Heed A Word From God 15
*Bring me a minstrel…a minstrel was music on a stringed instrument. It was used in
praise and worship from the Psalms.
*God’s revelation is an invitation to become involved in what He is doing.
*Adjust your life to do whatever He tells you to do.
*While the minstrel played…God spoke! Music is to set the mood to hear the Word of
B.The Presentation Of The Power 16-20
1. Revelation from God Make this valley full of ditches.
*It doesn’t make any sense. The area is a desert!
*It will make sense if there is water. To the natural mind the Word often does not make
sense. The preaching of the cross to those who are perishing it is foolishness…
2. Response to God They dug the ditches.
*Adjust your life to do what He says.
*Obedience…do what He says when He says it.
3. Reassurance from God The valley will be filled with water.
*This is a light thing with God.
*v. 19 is all in the present tense.
4. Reality from God v. 20
*The meal offering…then the water came.
*You remember the meal offering was a picture of the wonders of Jesus Christ.
*Also, it is all that He can be in your heart and mine.
*There is no higher life than the life of Christ and to know the fullness of that life
in us! Victory is ours! Jesus is sufficient!
Then the water came!!! What God says He will do.
With every assignment He will fulfill it!

Are you overrun by the flesh (SELF)?
A. What They Saw 21, 22
1.The Flesh can never see what God has done and line up under His authority.
2.The water was as red as blood. There is a lack of discernment.
B. What They Said 23
1.They say nothing spiritual. They say nothing that is related to God.
2.This is their opportunity, greed, avarice, things cloud their vision.
C. What They Sensed 24, 25
1.All that was left was the judgment of God!
2.When the flesh is on the run…don’t stop. Don’t be satisfied with SELF anywhere!
D.What They Sacrificed 26, 27
1.They wouldn’t give up things (v. 4).
2.They had a wrong view of God.
3.They sacrificed their sons for things. Children always suffer.
4.Worshipping the wrong god will kill your family!!

Are you controlled by the Flesh (SELF)?
There is a price to pay.
Return to the Word of God.
Be willing to adjust your life.
Allow Christ To Be Your Life.
Water Will Flow!

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