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March 14, 2021: Weeks or Pentecost
These are the Bible passage and sermon notes for our Sunday morning worship services.
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Leviticus 23:15-22: Festival of Weeks / Pentecost

I) The Festival of Weeks: Waiting, Receiving and Harvest

A) The Festival of Weeks occurred ____ days after Feast of Firstfruits.

B) Jewish men were _____________ to go to Jerusalem to celebrate.

C) This was a special sabbath -a day of _______ to focus on God.

D) Families were to bring a _________ offering to the temple.

1) They were to bring two pieces of baked ______________ bread.

2) The priest would ___________ the bread before the altar but not burn it because yeast was not allowed to be offered on it.

E) There are multiple special ______________ animal offerings.

1) They began with burnt and _________ offerings which reminded them their sins need to be atoned (paid) for.

2) It ended with a ___________ or fellowship offering that celebrated that they had peace and fellowship with a Holy God.

F) This festival got associated with the receiving of the Ten Commandments.

1) The bread looked like stone _____________.

2) Jewish tradition said that the 10 commandments were give 50 days after the _________________ Passover.

3) Festival stipulations contained a command to take care of the ____.

Modern Shavuot Observances:
· Tikkun Leil Shavuot: Individuals stay up late study the Old Testament (especially the Book of Ruth).
· They eat cheese and honey to remind them of God’s Torah is as “sweet and honey and milk.”
· Homes and synagogues are filled with flowers and greenery.
· There are joyous communal of family feasts.
· There is extended Torah readings in the synagogues.
o God’s Glory: Ezek 1:28; 3:12 Hab. 2:20-3:19
o God’s Law (Ten Commandments): Exodus 19-20
o Receiving Torah: Book of Ruth

II) How God fulfilled the Festival of Weeks

A) Before he ascended, Jesus told his disciples to ________.

B) The Holy Spirit came at Pentecost and ____________ the disciples to preach Christ boldly!

C) The Holy Spirit drew ____________ new believers that day.

III) How Festival of Weeks applies to believers today.

A) We see God’s heart for the poor and ___________. We should emulate this his heart to others.

B) We are in the period of spiritual harvest.

1) The Holy Spirit continues to _______ people to faith in Christ.

2) We need to do our part in sharing the ___________.

C) God’s Spirit is at work in the hearts of believers empowering them to live out God’s mission today.

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