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Often the mere mention of Jesus takes us straight to the Gospels. We think of him as the healer, teacher, preacher. He is, however, far more. In this series, we will look at him through heaven’s eyes as the logos, the prophesied King, the crucified Savior, and the risen Lord.
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About The Crossing
The Crossing is a multi-campus, non-denominational Christian church with locations in Illinois, Missouri, and Iowa. We exist to minister in local communities, following our core values to bring people to an intimate and personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Visit to learn more about our church.

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So much happens around a table - gathering together, saying “grace”, sharing meals, playing games, homework, and now home offices and classrooms.
Jesus doesn’t come as a conquering King, a political leader, or some recognized authority figure. He comes as the Lamb of God, gentle and humble. He doesn’t come to rule over us or control us, He comes to be in relationship with us, to sit across from us, to engage us, to draw us to Himself. He comes to the table.
Tables are special places, where we can be comfortable and everyone has a place.
They are also spiritual places, where we give thanks and where we are a part of community.
Jesus was in His best environment when He was at the table.
Jesus performed His first miracle at a table, turning water into wine. He turned the dirtiest water into the finest wine. You might see yourself as dirty water, but Jesus can change that. He can turn you into the finest wine. We learned that at a table.
Matthew’s appointment as a disciple was celebrated at a table. Jesus was accused of eating with sinners, responding that it is the sick who need a doctor. Jesus didn’t reject them and He won’t reject you either, no matter what your past is.
At a table at a Pharisee’s house, Jesus was condemned for a prostitute washing His feet with her tears and wiping them with her hair, anointing them with perfume. Jesus used the table to tell a story about a rich man forgiving two debts, one large and one small, and that her sins were forgiven. Jesus is at the table here now to forgive your debt of sin.
Jesus set tables on hillsides - feeding thousands and thousands with just a tiny bit of food, showing that whatever we give Him, He can multiply in ways you couldn’t imagine. When you sit at the table with Jesus, there will always be enough.
Jesus ate with Mary and Martha, who was concerned about the meal being perfect. Jesus reminded her that sometimes it's more about the company than the meal. At the table, He teaches us that He needs to be the priority.
At a table, Mary anoints Jesus’ head with oil, filled with so much gratitude after He raised her brother from the head. Jesus mentions His death and burial in that intimate moment and says that her expression of love would never be forgotten. He will never forget your expressions of love either.
At a table, Jesus explained how he would solve our problem of sin, that His body would be broken and His blood of a new covenant shed for us. He would take our place, take our punishment, and set us free by dying for us all. He washed our feet and showed us how to love.
Jesus showed Himself alive at a table - revealing Himself to two men He had walked alongside when they sat down to eat. At the table, we recognize Him as well.
Jesus ate at a table to show the disciples that He was in fact alive and not a ghost. Jesus is real...He’s just as real and just as alive right now as He was all those years ago.
Jesus made breakfast for His disciples and forgave Simon Peter’s denials at a table. He gave Peter the same purpose He gives each of us, “Feed My sheep.” We feed His sheep when we bring them to the table.
Jesus prepares a table for us each week, and it is there that we remember what only He could do for us, taking our sins away.
We look forward to the day when we will literally sit at the table with our Savior Jesus.
Until that day, we sit at the table, adding as many leaves as possible so that everyone can sit at the table with Jesus.

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