Webb City Church of the Nazarene
The Faith of Resurrection
Sunday Worship - We are exploring the theme of Resurrection and how it is the basis of Christian faith.
Locations & Times
  • Webb City Church of Nazarene
    701 10th St, Webb City, MO 64870, USA
    Sunday 11:00 AM
Prepare for worship:

What comes to mind when you hear the word "Resurrection?"
As we worship in song, remember that God is our audience.
The songs we are singing today are:
He Lives (by Church of the City)
Resurrecting (by Elevation Worship)

How has offering praise to God effected you?
As we pray, do you have a prayer request you would like our Prayer team to know? Please go to to link below and complete the prayer request form:
What do you think is the reason church attendance, and now Easter observance, has declined?
What is Pastor Chad’s theory of declined interest in things “Jesus?”
From Acts 1, we discover that Judas’ replacement had to be someone who “ were with [the disciples] the _________ time [they] were traveling with the ________ ___________.” And he had to be “a ________________ of Jesus’ ________________.
What do you think it was like to journey with Jesus and witness His resurrection?
What was the first recorded sermon of Peter about?
What was the response of those who heard Peter’s sermon?
Peter says in Acts 4:20, “We cannot ___________ telling about everything we have ____________ and _________________.”
The foundation of Peter’s faith was not_________________, or the Holy ___________________, it was _______________ and His _____________________.
Andy Stanley says, “When you lose your ___________ of death, all fear is _______________.”
Pastor Chad adds, “When you lose your ______________ of loss, all fear is _________________.
What does the church (Webb City Naz) have to offer that the culture does not already offer? ____________________________________________________