Cordova Neighborhood Church
Sunday 3.7.2021
Welcome to Sunday worship at Cordova Neighborhood Church. We are a community of believers in Rancho Cordova, CA. Presently, we're live streaming on Facebook Live. Meet us there.
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    Sunday 11:00 AM

Livestream also available.

Cordova Neighborhood Church Service LiveStream at 11AM

Tap the link then come back to take and save notes. The link takes you directly to the Live Stream and will be live starting at 10:45am. News and communication tools are at the bottom of this page.
Message: His Love Endures Forever
Pastor Phil Cooley

Take notes online or print a pdf.
3. The Lord is ___________ __________ ___________.
5. The Lord gives us ________________ .
6. The Lord is ______________ to us.
7. The Lord is our _______________.
9. The Lord is our ________________.
10. The Lord is worth of _________________ .
The Lord is _____________, his ____________ love endures forever!
Today is Annual Meeting

Annual Meeting will be part of the Sunday Service today, both in the Drive In Service and online. Although 2020 was an unusual year in many ways, God was still at work. Annual Meeting gives us an opportunity to take a look at his faithfulness.

This year the Annual Report was mailed out prior to the meeting.

The election of two Board members is a big part of the meeting. Nominees this year are Lina Washabaugh and Gillian Rouge. Ballots and voting instructions were sent to church members along with the annual report. Paper ballots can be given to greeters at the drive-in service. To vote online, go to

Annual Meeting is an important part of the life of the church. Be a part of it!
Pray for our Alliance International Workers: WEST AFRICA

Seven students from an Alliance English center have participated in a number of biblical teaching events over the years. They are now entering week four of a thirteen-week discovery study. Written by believers formerly from the majority religion, the course navigates the biblical signs and prophets that point to the Messiah and answer life’s big questions. “Pray for courageous leaps of faith into new life!” Alliance workers write.
February Giving Monthly Budget $29,033.81

Giving this month $25,907.44
Below budget $ 3,126.37
Missions giving $ 990.00

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Sunday KidMin with Miss Sonja today at 10:00

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