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Breakthrough Prayer
Beyond all that we could ask or imagine, the power of God's love is ready to work though us to bring about something that we couldn't produce on our own: A welcoming community of people from diverse backgrounds and ethnicities, united in the astonishing love of God.
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"For this reason I pray!" What reason is that? verses 7-13
Breakthrough prayer for breakthrough love! verses 14-19
Knowing Christ's love--in it's fullness! verse 18.
All of this creates a powerful and good invitation. "He is able to do more...and more...and more!"
Discussion and Application Questions for Group Life Communities and Personal Study- Ephesians 3: 7-21

Observe – Take time to read the passage… one or several times. What words or ideas captures your attention? Where are words repeated? What is a new thought about the passage?

- How does Paul describe the mission of God in Eph. 3:8-10?

- How does Paul describe his role in the mission of God? Eph. 3:7-13?

- What is the mystery that Paul writes about?

- Circle or note the two references to prayer in verses 14-19. What are the key points of Paul’s prayer for the people?

- On what does Paul base his optimism in verse 20-21? What is the power at work within us?

Interpret -

- What does ‘intercession’ mean? Why do you think intercession was important to Paul? How is it important to you? Do you believe your prayers matter for others?

- How does the work of Jesus Christ effect the way you approach God in prayer? See Eph 3:11-12. When you declare that Jesus is the Christ and the Lord how does that impact your praying?

- Why is this an important model of prayer for you? What part of the prayer in vs. 14-21 do you most need to apply in your life?

- How can you measure the love of God for you? see verse 3:18


- Based on the promises of this passage, what is one bold prayer you can pray this week?

- Which verse from this group would you most like to commit to memory and apply to your life this week?

- Who can you bless this week with the godly optimism from Ephesians 3:20-21?

Continuing this week... 21 Days of Prayer with Fasting! Plan to join with many others to create space to pay more attention to God in our lives, to pray for the many things close to God's heart and to our hearts.

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