Life Bridge Christian Church
Jesus People Week 6 - Delighting In Mercy
Sunday Services 2/21/2021
Locations & Times
  • Life Bridge Christian Church
    2496 Glendale Ave, Green Bay, WI 54313, USA
    Sunday 9:00 AM, Sunday 10:30 AM
Description: Our World says that people should get what they deserve. "They had it coming," people say. Karma is the rule of law in many people's eyes. When something bad happens to someone who does bad, it seems like just desserts. Not so in Jesus' Kingdom. Jesus crushes our infatuation with karma with mercy. Rather than just punishment, Jesus came on a mission of mercy to save a world full of miserable sinners from getting what they deserved. Now in His Kingdom, mercy is the rule of law. Jesus people don't just do mercy, they delight in it, because they delight in the savior who has shown them mercy.
1. Jesus people love mercifully, not transactionally
Mercy is more concerned with what someone NEEDS more than what they DESERVE
2. Mercy moves us toward the suffering
"It is our care of the helpless, our practice of loving kindness that brands us in the eyes of our opponents...they say how they love one another!"
Tertullian (AD 155-220)
John Wesley's works of mercy:
a. Doing Good
b. Visiting the Sick and Prisoners
c. Feeding and Clothing People in need
d. Earning, Saving, Giving All One Can
e. Opposition to Slavery and Injustice
3. Jesus people imitate the mercy of their Father
The characteristics of God's mercy - God's mercy is:
- Inexhaustible
- Continual
- Eternal
- Indiscriminate
- Accessible
- Sovereign
"It is God's mercy that sets his face toward us with eyes of compassion and hands of tenderness. Mercy is God in Christ, by the Spirit's power, running toward humanity locked in a burning house of sin and death. In giving us mercy, he breaks down the door and frees us from that burning house."
- Derwin Gray
4. We cannot GIVE what we have not EXPERIENCED
Being merciful is not simply behaving mercifully, but desiring mercy because we have been transformed by the love of God!
ONE BIG THING: Jesus people delight in giving mercy because they delight in the God who has shown them mercy
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