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Genesis 3:1-8
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    Sunday 9:30 AM

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Nothing but the blood; Because He lives; No longer slaves; Build my life.
Truths from Genesis 2:4-25
God breathes the breath of life into us and makes us alive.
We were not made to be alone. Loneliness is not good.
God's original plan was for us to live this life without shame.

Principle #1 – The enemy wants us to lower our view of God and question our understanding of what God has said.
Reflection Question – Where do I see in my daily walk with God doubts about Him and misunderstanding of His Word arise?

Principle #2 – If we start to listen and reason with the enemy, we are ultimately setting ourselves up for failure.
Cause for reflection #2 – Am I lowering my view of the LORD God and listening to and reasoning with the enemy?

Principle #3 – God will always provide you a way to avoid sinning as a result of temptation.
Cause for reflection #3 – Am I trusting in God’s provision or my own pride?

Principle #4 – We often allow the desirable good things of this world to pull us away from our devotion to Christ.
Cause for reflection #4 – Am I allowing the good things of creation to be more important to me than the goodness of the Creator?

Life changing truth – Jesus Christ has defeated sin and death and provides forgiveness and life.
Principle #5 – Living in sin breaks our fellowship with God and steals His joy from our hearts.
Cause for reflection #5 – Am I attempting to cover up my sin by my own man-made solutions and then hide from God?
Jesus Christ is the only solution to restoring the relationship with God.

How can you we have true devotion to Jesus Christ?
Do not neglect intimacy with Him
Christ must not be just one part of your life; Christ must be your entire life.
Obey His commandments
Repent and Believe.


At Towers Baptist Church we give because God loves us. We believe giving is more than giving to a church. It is giving through the church to invest in His ministry for the expansion of His Kingdom. If you would like to give, please follow this link or mail in your offering to 10311 Albion Road, Richmond, BC V7A 3E5.