New Life Alliance Church
Sunday, February 21, 2021
Our mission is to connect people to the heart of Jesus so they can experience new life in Him! This will be accomplished through our 5 core values: WORSHIP-GROW-CONNECT-SERVE-GO!
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    Sunday 10:00 AM

New Life Alliance Church

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Get connected in a small group
Looking to get connected in a small group? There is a group for you! We have small groups for men, women, couples, young adults, students, and children! Stop by Guest Services or visit our website for more information.
Building Bridges: Carrying the Weight of Relationships
Building Bridges With Difficult People
Greek: Eulogeō = English: Eulogy
Literally speaking God’s best over those you don’t see eye to eye with.
Live in harmony with one another.
Relationships are built on the beauty of a duet not the competition of a duel.
Don’t repay what you feel they deserve.

Don’t let yourself be the reason for an un-peaceful relationship.
Let God control what you can’t.
Foundations for building the relationship bridge when it’s difficult.
There will always be things that offend me; staying offended is a choice.

Remaining offended or holding the grudge only hurts me and my testimony.

Be willing to listen to understand rather than listen to respond.

The integrity and strength of the relationship bridge that I build is only as strong as the commitment I’m willing to make.

Remember: Christ in me is stronger than the influences of the world around me that tells me to burn the bridge. If my identity is in Christ that should shape my actions in building relationship bridges.
Bottom-Line: Life is too short, and the stakes are too high to burn bridges that don’t need to be burned.